About Us

Caro Estrada, born 1980 in Vienna, Austria, photographer and media artist Studied photography, visual media and communications design in Vienna. Working as freelance photographer since 2001. 2007 she travelled across Asia where she worked on a book about “the Bajau Laut” a nomadic tribe living on boats around the coast of North Borneo and took photos for “Global 2000” in Kalimantan. She met her husband Erik while travelling through Java. She studied Arts and Communication, Contextual Design and Fashion and Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 2010 to 2016 and worked as an art teacher since 2010.


Erik Estrada, born 1981 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, professional photographer. Used to work in Jakarta, China and Thailand for various agencies in advertising, fashion and beauty. Shot a range of commercials, editorials, documentaries and street photography. Likes taking black and white and experimenting with antique cameras. Since 2008 living and working in Vienna, Austria. Since 2017 both are parents of the twins Danu and Arundaya.


“Photography is a way of shouting, of freeing oneself. It is a way of life.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson