Versatile typographic constellations manufactured with an antique type writer conjure wondrous beings on paper, which emerge to be a warlike people. By originally combined typographic elements Caro Estrada highlights the bureaucratic levels of warfare. Inspired by the analog documentation techniques of World War I the movie reflects the powerful machineries, which run behind the scenes of all armed conflicts around the world up to this day.

11/2011 Audience Award and Honorable Mention at the One Day Animation Festival, Asifa Austria Award/ Best Austrian Animation 2011 at Filmcasino, Vienna. 02/2012 Solo exhibition at ASIFAKEIL in MQ quartier 21, Vienna. 03/2012 3rd place at the international competition at Tricky Women 2012, Vienna. 07/2012 Special Mention in category of experimental film at Kratkofil Plus, International Film Festival, Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. 08/2012 Screening in the international competition at the 11th International Kansk Video Festival in Kansk, Russia, Siberia. 09/2012 Screening in the international competition at the XXII Message to Man International Film Festival Experimental Competition “In Silico” in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 09/2012 Screening at the 4th ANIMAGE FESTIVAL – Festival Internacional de Animação de Pernambuco, Recife and Olinda, Brasilia. 10/2012 Screening at CologneOFF 2012 Bosnia and Herzegovina @ Anima – International Animation Festival Banja Luka 2012, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 11/2012 Screening in the international competition at the 10th ANILOGUE International Animation Festival Budapest and Vienna, Hungary and Austria. 11/2012 Nomination in the categories Best Character and FemPower at Content Award 2012, Vienna, Austria. 02/2013 Screening at TISFEST, Teen International Shorts Festival 2013, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey. 02/2013 Screening at CologneOFF 2013 USA @ Aferro Gallery Newark, NJ, USA. 02/2013 Screening at CologneOFF 2013 India II @ CeC – Carnival of eCreativity, Sattal, India. 03/2013 Screening at 8th Tehran International Animation Festival 2013, Tehran, Iran. 03/2013 Screening at CologneOFF 2013 Cyprus @ 2nd International Motion Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus. 05/2013 Screening at “Poolside Lesson: Summer Shorts”, MQ SummerOpening, Arena21/MQ Vienna, Austria. 06/2013 Screening at the 23rd World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia. 06/2013 Screening in the international competition at the 9th ISFF Detmold, International Short Film Festival Detmold, Hangar 21, Detmold, Germany. Part of the Tricky Women Blu-Ray-Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 03/14 screening @ Austrian Cultural Institute in Istanbul, Turkey. 03+11/14 screening @ Austrian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland. 03/14 screening @ A.E. in Manila, Philipines. 03/15 screening @ A.C.I. at the opera area in Cairo, Egypt. 03/14 screening @ A.C.I. at Getafe-Filmfestival, Madrid, Spain. 03/14 screening @ A.C.I. in London, UK. 05/14 screening @ Ulan-Bator, Mongolia. 07/14 screening @ A.C.I. in Rome, Italy. 11/14 screening @ Valencia, Spain. Screenings as part of the „30 Years ASIFA AUSTRIA“ Program: 03/15 screening @ Under the Radar, Top Kino, Vienna, Austria. 05/15 screening @ VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Vienna, Austria. 06/15 screening @ Animafest Zagreb, World Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb, Croatia. 07/15 screening @ Film festival, Vienna, Austria. 08/15 screening @ 1st XWRA Video Art Festival, Greece. 10/15 screening @ St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 10/15 screening @ Baltimore, Maryland, USA. 11/15 screening @ Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. 11/15 screening @ Toronto, Kanada. 11/15 screening @ Animated Dreams Festival in Tallin, Estland. 05/17 screening in the program “Best of Animation” @ 24th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), Germany. 09/18 screening and participation in the exhibition @ “ASIFAKEIL 101 – 100 Ausstellungen in 11 Jahren“ at ASIFAKEIL in MQ quartier 21, Vienna, Austria. And contribution to the publication: Stratil, Stefan/ Lang, Holger (Hg.) (2018): ASIFAKEIL 101. 100 Ausstellungen in 11 Jahren. Vienna: ASIFA AUSTRIA.